Agility is My Middle Name . . . (well, maybe someday)

Intro to Dog AgilityI’m like most dogs, I need a regular work-out to channel all this Mini Schnauzer energy that I have. To get the exercise I need and have fun at the same time, I started agility training. This is a sport for real dogs only and takes a lot of focus and stamina. It’s hard work and definitely not a sport for cats. (Well, it’s not that cats can’t, it’s just that cats won’t. . .)

I’m still just a beginner, but I’m pretty smart and a fast learner. I hope to participate in an agility competition someday, but I know that will take a lot of work. I already know how to perform all the obstacles, and I can run the whole course off leash. It will take some serious practice and real dedication to master everything at a competitive speed, but I’m up to the challenge. (Um-m-m, I’m just not so sure about my partner, Judy…)

On this page are photos of me working out on some of my favorite obstacles on the agility practice course. Can’t you just see the commitment and dedication? Bear in mind that I’m still just a beginner and that my form will improve with time if I continue to work at it.


[click on image to view enlargement]


This is me on the Dogwalk. It took three humans to help me walk across it the first time, but now I’ve got the hang of it. This is my favorite part of the course.

I’m gonna be a super jumper, and I’ve nailed the A-frame obstacle. I’m up one side and down the other in the blink of an eye.(well, almost…)