Maxie Delmar… Mini Schnauzer

Meet Maxie Delmar . . . Mini Schnauzer Extraordinaire

Maxie Delmar Mini Schnauzer. . . Also known as Max.

I was born on October 21, 2005, so I’m not such a young pup anymore… but I’m still frisky and full of it. My fur is a handsome salt-and-pepper color, and, in some light, I look all silvery. I love people, and I’ve never met a stranger. Most folks call me gorgeous, and I have to admit that they’re right.

Judy and Robert adopted me when I was only 8 weeks old — I was their Christmas present to each other that year. I live with them in a condo in lovely Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida — just a few minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. All and all, I’m a Mini Schnauzer who’s got it pretty good. Some folks might call me a pampered pup, and I guess I’d have to agree with them.

Now that you’ve found your way to, I hope you stay a little while and enjoy your visit.

If you must be going, well then… it was nice meeting you. Come again soon!